Kim D’Eramo, DO – Conscious Medicine

Dr. Kim’s work assists practitioners with increasing their personal frequency to amplify their business, their income, and the results their patients receive.

Kim D’Eramo, DO – Conscious Medicine

Our practice and the patients we serve are directly impacted by our own consciousness. Whether we’re in a space of love and ease, or a space of lack and suppression will determine everything that happens in our business. Aligning your MindBody system is the most essential piece, determining whether you create abundance, or you live in lack, and also how your patients respond to the medicine you share!




Manifest Effortless Wealth In Your Business

Manifesting health, wealth and abundance in your business isn’t about hard work or trying. It’s something that happens AUTOMATICALLY when you soften and drop into your body as it is. You can’t heal yourself and you can’t heal others, but you CAN be an embodiment of your highest wisdom and let THAT come through to serve the world.

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