AllergoSan USA (OMNi-BiOTiC)

Institut AllergoSan, a leader in probiotic research and formulation, has served European pharmacies and practitioners for more than 25 years. In partnership with AllergoSan USA, their evidence-based formulations are now available to American practitioners. The OMNi-BiOTiC line is uniquely aligned with the company’s commitment to the highest quality, research, and evidence standards. This equates to every strain being identified and analyzed in vitro to determine its particular mechanistic strengths. Every formulation is further designed and tested for synergistic performance, both in animal models and controlled human trials. Each product also undergoes gastric resistance and metabolic activity analysis as well as extended real-time stability testing to ensure every serving delivers at full potency. Hypoallergenic and individually packaged for protection, portability, and convenience, request your complimentary samples at:



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